Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting

Happy Bear Hunting
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Kodiak Brown Bear 

The Kodiak Brown Bear
Kodiak Brown Bear are the world's largest carnivore due to the almost unlimited volume of salmon to feed on and have long had the respect of seasoned international hunters. There are high volumes of large Kodiak Brown Bear throughout Afognak Island's lush habitat

"Fair Chase" is the hunting-style throughout Alaska so hunters need to be in good shape for a confident advantage. We do use warm comfortable cabin-cruisers to spot a large portion of the wildlife so those hunters who aren't as rugged as they once were also do very well on our hunts. This adds to the adventure as much more wildlife (including assorted marine-mammals) is seen, compared to sitting/glassing/hiking on a grassy hillside much of a day.

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Your Hunting Guides
Your eagle-eye guides, who've lived in the heart of this lush wilderness year-round for the past 2 - 4 decades, know every nook & cranny. They've provided many a thrilling hunt for both rifle and bow hunters, with many repeat & referred hunters who barely need an excuse to return.

Hunters just need to bring their weapon of choice, extra clothes, quality optics, personal items and a good attitude. We provide everything else including a 90% success-rate, spanning nearly 4 decades on north Afognak Island. For foreign hunters, we provide gratis rifles during your hunt to avoid customs and airlines hassle.

By law, all bear hunters must be guided. We take no more than 2 bear hunters at once, each with a separate guide & cabin-cruiser. There are 4 Spring & 3 Fall 10-day guided hunts. Also, by law, no flying & hunting are allowed on same day so you must arrive one day prior to your first hunting day.

10 Day Guided Hunts: For these 10 day guided hunts, we take only 1 or 2 hunters at a time, each with their own guide and cabin-cruiser.

Hunting dates are:

Jim Schrack Spring
April 6 - 15
April 16 - 25
April 26 - May 5
May 6 - 15

October 25 - November 3
November 4 - 13
November 14 - 23

Hunt Reservations
For Spring Brown Bear hunts, reservations need to be confirmed with us no later than the previous October 30th. For Fall hunts, reservations need to be confirmed with us no later than the previous April 30th. These dates are to comply with Alaska Department of Fish & Game permit-application deadlines.

Alaska Bear Hunting Trips
Vee Miller, 10' male Kodiak Brown Bear

Kodiak Bear Hunting
9'9" Brown Bear

Guided Bear Hunting Trips
Patrick Eudy's 10'1" Brown Bear

Fully Guided Alaska Bear Hunting
Josh Randall (10 years old)

Alaska Bear Hunting Trips
Jon Litz (14 years old)

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